Commitment and Engagement

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We see it all around us, yet, inside of our organizations we seem to ignore or forget the lessons.commitment sign

Look to the web. The highest traffic site on Earth is Google, run by an ever growing company that in many ways seems to have their act together if you read most of the business press. Yet number six on the list of highest trafficked websites is Wikipedia — a site where the content is created not by paid staffers, but by engaged volunteers who, supported (very) loosely by a paid staff, want to contribute and do so anonymously.

Look to your local community. I can’t name the organizations for you, but all you have to do is look around. Church and civic groups promote causes and make differences — often at higher levels with less resources than organizations with paid staff. Why? In large part because those involved truly and deeply believe in the service the group and they personally are providing.

Look at my family reunion. Last ...(register to read more)

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