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On the Facebook page Over Fifty and Out of Work, Boomers gather to share stories of how hard it is to find a job over 50. This is one job seeker’s post:

I have been made redundant for the second time in a year. My previous job was 9.5 years service. Had every life-changing happening you can imagine in the last three years and at 56, I am now getting rejected for jobs that are well within my capability at CV stage. Don’t know for sure but believe it is age related. Not sure what to do, need to work, have good skills but how do you make your CV better than everyone else?

When I talk to Boomers who are working, there’s a palatable fear that if they lose their jobs, they’ll never find another one. There’s good cause for their concern. According to Forbes nearly 40 percent of unemployed Americans—roughly 4.8 million people—have been jobless for six months or longer. About half of them are over age 50.

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