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Admins’ best ‘what if’ dreams and wishes

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As part of our Administrative Pro­­fes­­sion­­als Week activities in April, we conducted a short survey asking our members to “Tell us about your life as an admin!” The survey asked three fun questions about admins’ dreams, and we’ve pulled together a mix of the best and most popular answers.

If you were granted one superpower to help you do your job better on a day-to-day basis, what would it be, and why?

The most popular response was ESP, telepathy or the ability to read minds. “I would choose ‘selective telepathy,’ ” wrote one admin. “When I am trying to take minutes at a meeting, it would be nice to know what people are thinking, because some people don’t communicate very well.”

The distant runner-up was some form of omnipresence—either the ability to clone oneself or to be in more than one place at a time in order to get more done. Other popular answers included predicting the future and superhuman speed, memory or hearing.        

“My choice for superpower would be ultrasonic hearing,” said another admin. “So much of what happens at an organization happens behind closed doors. … The ability to be a fly on the wall would be invaluable.”          

If you were offered a 25% raise, but only on the condition that you would never again be thanked for any of the little things you do to help during the workday, would you take it? Why or why not?

Respondents were evenly split be­­tween taking the raise and opting to continue receiving thanks and praise.

“No way! Those, ‘Thanks, you’re Golden’ comments from my Chief [Executive] catapult me to a whole new level each and every time he sends one to me,” said one admin. “Money does not buy us happiness and to have the pride that comes from pleasing a professional of his caliber is more than enough for me thank you very much indeed.”

“Yes!! I know I do my job to the best of my ability and many times be­­yond the call of duty. I am happy and satisfied with my role and in my life.”          

You’ve just received word that you’re being inducted into the Admin­­is­­trative Assistants’ Hall of Fame! Who is the first person you’ll thank during your acceptance speech, and why?    

Respondents all had their own per­­sonal responses to this question, with answers that included current or former bosses, mentors, spouses, parents, children, friends and even television characters.

“Della Street & Perry Mason,” said one admin. “Their relationship with each other made me want to have that kind of partnership with my boss.”

“I would recognize my father who taught me at an early age by having me sit down with him and help pay the bills,” said another admin. “He would write out the checks and I would list them in the ledger and put them in the envelopes and mail them. I was his assistant! It all began there.”

“I would thank my micromanaging boss from one of my first jobs,” said yet another. “She taught me how to properly hang up the phone so you don’t slam it in someone’s ear, to always know what the CEOs want before they ask, to always look busy even when you have nothing to do (I don’t have to do that anymore), and many other small things that make a difference.”

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