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Innovation Needs Structure

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

Ask most people what they think about when they consider creativity and innovation and most likely “structure”building structure and “process” won’t be on the list. Would they be on yours?

Most of us think about creativity as a free spirited, open-minded, capture-the-ideas-in-the-wind thing. We don’t associate it with words like discipline, structure, approach and process. If you value new ideas and innovation and you don’t include those words in your mental inventory, you are missing a (huge) opportunity.

Let me explode the myth with three examples and some suggestions for applying these ideas for yourself and your team.

At the Improv

When people think of highly creative people, improv actors often come to mind. These highly talented people seem to be able to create an entertaining story line or show “out of thin air.” In fact, they can be so good that some of my more cynical friends had to be convinced by the actors themselves that it wasn’...(register to read more)

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