An Organizational Attitude Checkup

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It happened again this week.

I was leading a workshop with leaders across an organization and the question came up about attitude. Specifically, I was asked several questions that, paraphrased, were basically this:

I have some attitude issues on my team — how can I improve the attitude of my team?

In the discussion of this issue in the group, I noticed a lot of talk about “those people” and “the whiners and complainers” in the group. Please know that I’m not picking on this group — they are smart folks who are serious about becoming more effective leaders. And they aren’t the first group that I’ve had this type of conversation with!

I too get tired of whiners and complainers. These people are energy-draining, but this isn’t just an issue of being pleasant or comfortable.

We know that when people are whining, complaining, disgruntled, frustrated and cynical that they can’t possibly be as productive (or happy) as they could be...(register to read more)

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