Taking notes: You’ve got many options

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Now that Google has re-entered the “note” space there are three products from which to choose for taking, keeping and collaborating on notes. Let’s see how they stack up. All have free versions and are accessible on the web.

Evernote. Free up to 60MB. Premium up to 1G $45/year. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Black­­Berry compatible. Client software for Windows 7/8 and Mac. Multiple notebooks, pages and notebook stacks. Robust multimedia capability (more with Evernote apps). Good text editing. Great tool for the robust note user.

OneNote. Free with SkyDrive. Included in Office Suite or purchased separately from $49.99. Win­­dows Phone, Android and iOS compatible. Client software for Windows 7/8. Multiple notebooks, sections, pages. Robust multimedia capability with paid versions. Best text formatting. Great tool for the robust note user.

Keep. Free. Android compatible. List or grid views of all notes. Limited formatting capability. Easy to use. Best for nonpower users.

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