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Business Management Daily announces the winners of its Administrative Professionals Week survey

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in Admins,Office Management

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our Administrative Professionals Week celebration! We're delighted we could give you a little something here and there as a tribute to everything you do. The giveaways that we offered to celebrate this special week are still available:

Below are the winning responses—and just a few of our other favorites—to our Tuesday survey! The winners will each receive a $25 American Express gift card.

Question #1. If you were granted one superpower to help you do your job better on a day-to-day basis, what would it be, and why?

The runners-up:

"Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, that way they can tell me what they want the first time around."

"My choice for superpower would be ultrasonic hearing. So much ...(register to read more)

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