Remember the Romance After the Courtship

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couple datingI’ve been married nearly 27 years, but I have a (vague) memory of the courtship process. You identify someone you would like to attract (we’ll call them a prospect), and begin selling. You work hard to be noticed, you let this person know you are interested, you build a strategy for making a sale — and then if all goes well, you have a date.

If after you make the sale (get the date), you are really interested in the person, you shower them with attention. You (really) listen. You perhaps provide a gift of some sort. All of these gestures are meant to communicate to the other person how pleased you are to be with them and how important this moment is to you.

If the first date goes well, there are more dates, and the focus, creativity and earnestness continues; it perhaps even grows.

The gifts become more frequent and perhaps more substantial.

Little gestures that show you care happen “just because.”

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