A Three Course Coaching Buffet

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Today I have three morsels for you as a coach. These come from different places and all of them are valuable. While you could consider this a coaching buffet, allowing you to pick what you like from the list, I’d rather you consider it a three course meal — where you sample and benefit from each of the items.

Bon appétit.

Coaching the newbie. If you are a leader and coach for very long you will have newbies. About a year ago, I added a new full time member to our team. She was excited to join the team, and we were excited for her to be part of the team. She had significant experience in the areas she would be working in, but she had still just started here. There are opportunities for us as coaches when we are coaching new people. We have a responsibility to help them get off on the right start, and like a first impression, you only get one chance. These situations remind me that I must do the coaching then — and it can’t wa...(register to read more)

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