Why Employees Sue: 6 Lessons from the Ultimate Insider

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First impressions are important. But when it comes to preventing employment lawsuits, it’s typically the last impression that employees have at work that matters most.

“This is why 90% of people come to our office. It’s the way they’re treated on the way out the door,” said noted plaintiffs' attorney, Randy Freking, of Freking & Betz in Cincinnati, during last week's Labor & Employment Law Advanced Practices (LEAP) Symposium in Las Vegas, hosted by Business Management Daily and The HR Specialist.

Terminations are the biggest flashpoint for employment lawsuits, and it’s where supervisors and HR professionals seem to make the most mistakes—in both style and substance. 

Freking advises employers to “treat people as you expect to be treated” during terminations. One example: escorting employees off the premises, a practice he sees as unnecessary in most cases and will only trigger resentment and litigation. (It may be necessary ...(register to read more)

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