Convincing People to Give Better Customer Service

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Every leader at every level has a need to think about customer service. Whether you lead a team that is talking to paying customers every day, supporting those who do, or just interacting with internal customers, the need for customer service skills—and a customer orientation—is critical. When this subject comes up in training and coaching leaders, here is the most common question I get: “How can I convince my people to give better customer service?”

The answer may not be as hard as you think.

Your people have to genuinely like people.

If they don’t like people (or the people who are their customers), it is going to be much harder to influence them to deliver better customer service.

We all know that some folks are more people-focused than others (that doesn’t mean the other people are bad in any way, it just means that their first focus might not be people), so why don’t we put those people in positions to interact with cus...(register to read more)

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