When is a Webinar a Good Learning Option?

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First, let me say that when I say “webinar,” I am thinking broadly of things that might or might not include video (video conference), views of slides (the typical webinar), and a teleseminar (typically audio only). I decided to write about this because I get asked about this type of learning experience often, and I find people have strong and varying opinions.

As a person who leads an organization that produces and sells these tools, and writes on a site for another organization that does the same, you might think I have a one-sided view of this question. I hope this shows that I don’t—but rather that I hope you come to see webinars as one important tool that you can use, when it is the best tool to use.

I’ve seen it all, as a participant/learner, consultant to organizations using these tools and having lead well over 500 myself, so hopefully my perspective is useful.

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