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Two Coaching Approaches You Can Learn Watching Basketball

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in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

I’m a big (especially college) basketball fan, and so right now is a good time to be alive. Whether you are a fan or not, you may be watching at least part of a game over the next couple weeks—I know I will. My hope from this post is that you will want to watch for a new reason.

I recently wrote on my blog about five coaching lessons we can learn from watching basketball (you can read them here), but today, with 16 teams left, I want to share two major lessons about coaching approaches that you can learn when you turn on the game. These are two basic approaches to coaching that you will see and hear the announcers talking about, that are completely connected to and related to our success in coaching others at work.

The Two Approaches

Coaching technically. Good basketball coaches need to know the specifics of the game—the x’s and o’s. They need to know what to do in certain game situations, draw up the right plays and more. A...(register to read more)

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