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Pride is a Two-Sided Coin

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

When you think about March, many things might come to your mind, but one, almost certainly, is St. Patrick’s Day. The thing I love most about St. Patrick’s Day (beyond, perhaps, an excuse to color a beer) is the pride that all Irish folks have both about the celebration and who they are. Others get so caught up in the emotions of the day; it seems everyone wants to be Irish!

National pride, pride in your company, pride in your products, pride in your children, pride in your team, pride in self. These are things we think about in a positive light.

Yet we also know that same pride can get in our way too. If we are too proud of our company and products, we might not think we need to change things—that our past success insures our future success. If we are too proud of our team we might assume they can achieve things they aren’t yet prepared for. Our pride in ourselves, taken too far, can lead us to damage relationships, underap...(register to read more)

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