Converting temps to regular staff? Beware legal hazards

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One of the first indicators of an improving job market is a rise in temporary-help jobs. Why? Many organizations, still cautious about taking on full-time employees, test the market first by hiring temps. This allows them to adjust to changes in demand by scaling up or down with temp staff.

So-called temp-to-hire (or temp-to-permanent) arrangements take temp positions one step further. Such job offers are a hybrid between a temp position and a salaried position. Typically, it's defined as a temp job for about three to six months. If all goes well and an employer is ready to hire, the temp transitions into a regular, full-time employee.

'Try before you buy' approach grows more popular

Among the benefits to such arrangements:

  • They eliminate re-advertising positions and trim recruiting costs.
  • You can evaluate how the employee fits your organization before you close the deal.
  • You can better respond to cha...(register to read more)

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