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The Power of Habits

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

I am often reminded of the power of habits in my personal life, and today I want to explore that with you and make some important connections to our role as leaders, why it can be difficult, and how to improve our success.

Two Kinds of Habits

While all habits are automatic responses, they fall into two basic types: considered and not considered. “Considered” habits are probably what you thought about when you read the title of this article—when (or whether) you exercise, what (or when) you read, if you eat dinner with (or without) your family.  “Not considered” habits are the millions of other things that are, well, habitual, like how we respond in certain situations, our gestures, on which side of our mouth we start brushing our teeth, how we greet people on the phone and more.

Recognizing that habits, by their nature, are largely subconscious is an important part of this article. More important though is knowing that any i...(register to read more)

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