Give HR the last word on terminations: Supervisor bias can taint firing decisions

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It’s never a good idea to “throw the book” at an employee just be­­cause a supervisor wants to get rid of her. That’s especially true if it turns out that the supervisor has been making ageist or other offensive comments about the employee and has been making her comply with rules that don’t seem to apply to others.

Before approving discipline, check to make sure this isn’t an illegal effort to terminate. Ask why the supervisor wants to fire the employee.

That’s especially important if she has been doing a good job and received excellent performance reviews in the past. If the supervisor can’t provide a clear performance-based reason or economic argument unrelated to any protected characteristic, press for more information.

Recent case: Sharon, an older woman, worked for U.S. Bancorp until she was terminated for allegedly violating the bank’s so-called zero-tolerance rule against abusing company credit cards. Sharon apparent...(register to read more)

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