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Decide Already!

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

In the leadership workshops I teach, decision-making always comes up. In the consulting and coaching I do, I see the habits and approaches of leaders around decision-making. While some people are quite proficient at decision-making, more are proficient at not making a decision.


I see it everywhere, and it is hurting our organizations.

There is conflict and no one decides to do anything about it. Do they really think it is going to get better without an intervention?

There are products languishing, using precious resources, yet no one wants to pull the plug. Do they really think things will change automatically?

There are employees whose performance is subpar, yet no coaching takes place. Do leaders really have more important things to do?

Look around you—there are decisions you need to make that you aren’t making.

Well, that isn’t quite true.

In your indecision, you are deciding.

The problem with indecision/decis...(register to read more)

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