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Helping New Leaders Succeed From the Start

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

Every day, someone gets promoted to be “the boss.” Often, they get promoted from within a team to lead a team of former peers and friends. This is a situation fraught with challenge and offering great opportunity.

I’m not alone in recognizing the challenges. My friend Mike Figliuolo conducted an unscientific poll asking about awkward work situations. Two of the four responses related to the new boss being a former member of the team; specifically:

  • Becoming the boss after being a peer with my team members: 24.98%
  • A peer becoming my boss: 24.09%

Far more than just awkward though, the transition to a first leadership role is extremely important to the organization and that new leader.

Think about it this way: The organization needs someone to succeed in the role of leader for a variety of reasons. When leadership is weaker than it could be opportunities won’t be captured, productivity will be reduced, costs may increase, qual...(register to read more)

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