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How Leaders Gain Momentum

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

Watch the Super Bowl next week and I can guarantee two things: You’ll see far too many camera shots of celebrities at the game, and the word momentum will be spoken by the announcers at least once. You can watch any sporting event and hear that word—momentum—used almost with reverence. It is an intangible force that gives teams that are behind hope, and teams that are ahead even greater confidence in the outcome.

Of course momentum isn’t just a sports phenomenon—salespeople talk about it, stock market watchers study it, and many more do too. Because of this, it isn’t surprising that leaders want to create it with their teams.

It is a worthy goal—why wouldn’t you want to find a force that creates an attraction to, and energy for, greater success? The question for us as leaders is: Can we manufacture momentum?

In short, yes we can.

Momentum in a football game will be mentioned after one play—a long run, a turnover, or any othe...(register to read more)

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