You Have the Time to Make a Connection

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Leaders often lament to me about how busy they are. One of the things many say doesn’t get done is taking the time to build relationships with their team members.

I know you are busy.

I know you have a lot on your plate. But finding connections and building relationships with your team members pays dividends in many ways, including greater productivity, less turnover, higher morale, more trust and greater speed of implementation.

If I could give you ways to work on these relationships and gain these benefits and prove it wouldn’t take too much time, would you be interested?

If so, read on.

Your goal as a leader isn’t to make friends; it is to build strong working relationships. Talking about the work and the weather isn’t enough. If you really want to engage with people, you have to find connections and make it a priority. Doing this doesn’t have to take much time.

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