Beware ADA claims if alleged victim isn’t satisfied with harassment investigation

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Some sexual harassment complaints don’t pan out. If, after investigating, you conclude that no harassment took place, the employee who complained may not be satisfied. How should you handle her?

Your best bet is to address her concerns about having to work around the alleged harasser. Separate the two. If you have to move the complaining employee, make sure she is not penalized in terms of pay or benefits.

Recent case: Tamara is a long-term Xerox employee who worked independently and preferred it that way. She was so adverse to co-worker interaction that she actually created a cardboard barrier on her workstation so she would not have to see others.

Tamara complained to her super­visor that a male co-worker had entered her work area wearing torn jeans. She claimed a hole in the crotch area exposed his genitals because he wasn’t wearing underwear. In her com­­plaint, she also said the co-worker had recently shown her pornogra...(register to read more)

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