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Number, please … online calculators

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

  • Need a calculator? From Google.com, simply type in “calculator” in the search field. That’s it! You don’t even have to click on a link beyond that. Just type your entries on the calculator that appears. This one even has keys for sine, cosine and pi.
  • Looking for something specific? Try Calculator.com. You’ll find ­calculators here for loans, time, area and even a graphing calculator. Some of the categories, such as the currency calculator and lease calculator, take you right to the page. Others, like the mortgage calculator, take you to a list of links to various cal­­culators.
  • Back in school? Try Math.com. Whether you are helping kids with homework or trying to finish up your degree, Math.com has calculators for quad­­ratic equations, probability and square root. You’ll also find homework help.

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