Leading From What Is Most Important

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It doesn’t seem to matter what the topic of the training or conversation, time management always comes up. People want to manage their time better—as leaders in their own work, or helping those they lead to be more effective with their time.

It shouldn’t be a surprise—time management books and courses are perpetually popular. I don’t believe the issue is about time management at all. It is about choice management, and that, my friends, is a torch we as leaders must carry.

So rather than talking about time management, let’s talk about choice management and see if it helps with time management when we are done, ok?

Here are four examples for you.

Values. Of ultimate importance are our values. Are you clear on your values? Are you able to state them clearly? If you can, you have a chance to make better choices with your time. After all, how can you possibly expect to make good choices if you don’t know the boundaries inside whi...(register to read more)

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