When is the Best Time to Coach?

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Have you ever heard the old quotation, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”? It has a Zen-like quality to it, and inside those few words is the answer to the question posed in my title. 

The best time to coach is when the student is ready. At that moment of readiness we are most open to new ideas, most aware of our shortfalls, and most desirous of improvement. This is the coachable moment.

The quotation implies that the teacher will appear. I’m suggesting you take a more proactive approach – make sure you appear.

If the coachable moment is such a valuable time, it is worth a few minutes to understand it so we as leaders and coaches can be most effective in helping others learn and grow. That few minutes is now.

What is the Coachable Moment?

Hint – it isn’t likely on the day of the annual performance review.

We have all experienced this moment. It is a moment after a disappointment or defeat. It is after we have f...(register to read more)

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