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Do you hear what I hear? Sound of closing year-end books

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Use this checklist to zip through these year-end tasks, and you, too, can attend the company party guilt-free.  

√  Check the IRS’ website to ensure that you have the most recent Forms 941, 940 and 945.

√  Distribute 2016 W-4s. Employees whose family status changed, and those who claimed an exemption from income tax withholding in 2015, must file new forms; everyone else may refile.

√  Notify managers of the cut-off dates for the last 2015 payroll and the first 2016 payroll.

√  Let employees know whether you will charge a fee for issuing replacement W-2s.

√  Inform your service bureau of your W-2 sched­­ule and changes for 2016, including employ­­­­ees’ benefits deductions and new W-4s.

√  Notify employees by the end of January if you haven’t withheld on their personal use of company cars or are using the special accounting rule to value noncash fringes.

√  Reset employees’ calendar-year benefits balances for 2016.

Include: 401(k) pretax contributions, and allocations for paid time off, cafeteria plans and flexible spending accounts.

√  Process special December payroll entries—impute the tax for group-term life insurance over $50,000, personal use of company cars, interest on compensation-related loans of at least $10,000 with below-market interest rates and 2% S corp owners’ medical insurance.

√  Reconcile fourth-quarter taxes before the final tax payment is due to ensure timely corrections; reconcile year-to-date corrections.

√  Ensure that all stop payments, voids and manual checks have been processed and run payroll adjustments accordingly.

√  Archive 2015 data before processing the first 2016 payroll. Ensure the Social Security wage base, state unemployment and disability wage bases (if applicable), federal/state withholding allowances and tax rates and employees’ benefits data are input into the system; manually calculate the first 2016 paycheck of a maximum wage earner, a minimum wage earner and an employee in between to determine whether the payroll system has been completely updated.

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