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I take notes in most every learning situation I encounter, including at church. It is a way for me to stay engaged and learning during an important 90 minutes of my week. Aaron Brockett, the lead pastor of Traders Point Christian Church outside of Indianapolis, has said something that has made it into my notes several times and stayed in my mind. It is a simple but powerful idea expressed as a mathematical equation:

Information + Inspiration + Application = Transformation

While the context in which Aaron is using this formula is different from the context of this blog post, the profound truth cannot be lost on all of us as achievers and leaders.

Information. We can get this from a great lecture, a good book or the blog post someone passed on to us. We can get this from a retreat, feedback session or workshop. We can get this from a conversation in a hallway, at Starbucks or at a conference. Information and knowledge are prec...(register to read more)

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