Court makes quick work of serial applicant’s lawsuit

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Have you ever faced an applicant who applies for every open position just because it’s easy to do—and then complains that she wasn’t chosen for any of them? A federal court made quick work of dismissing a lawsuit from one such applicant when it was clear she was overreaching.

Recent case: Sharon applied for over 290 jobs listed on Duke Uni­­ver­­sity’s HR website. While she was in­­terviewed for one that she ap­­peared qualified for, she never got an offer. She sued, alleging discrimination.

The court tossed out Sharon’s case, reasoning she had nothing other than her own suspicions to back up a discrimination claim. The fact that she applied for so many jobs for which she was not remotely qualified no doubt made the court’s decision easier. (Thomas v. Duke University, No. 3:11-CV-00387, WD NC, 2012)

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