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Remembering Why You Hired People

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

Why do you hire new employees? OK, this seems like an obvious question, and no, it isn’t a trick.

We hire people because we have assignments that need to be completed, sales to be made, and products to be created, manufactured, shipped and billed. We hire people to be productive; to get work done. Yet, that is too often not how we judge them. Too often, we judge them based on hours worked. Let me explain …

A person seems to be at his desk every day when you arrive and is there most of the time when you leave. What is your first thought about this person? He's a hard worker, right? And if he puts in weekends when needed, you see him as dedicated, willing to go the extra mile and committed to his work, correct?

Both things may be true, but without another piece of information there is no way to be clear on these assessments. How much is he achieving? Is he getting the right things done with the right level of quality in a manne...(register to read more)

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