Burke County boss didn’t know racial slurs offended

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

A supervisor for the Burke County De­­partment of Social Services claims she did not know that calling black people bigoted names would offend them—and might even lead to a federal lawsuit. The U.S. Department of Jus­­tice has set her straight on this score.

After the supervisor used a variety of racial epithets in front of her subordinates, one of them filed a racial harassment and discrimination complaint with the Justice Department. The re­­sulting investigation found that the county’s anti-harassment and discrimination policy did not include training that told supervisors what specific behavior constituted harassment or discrimination.

The supervisor blamed her vile language on a lack of training.

A frustrated DOJ was forced to give her a pass on those grounds. It held that the county’s anti-harassment and discrimination plan was insufficient. The county must now institute annual anti-harassment and discrimination training for all supervisors.

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