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Some time ago I was delivering two workshops in Toronto. During the first, there were a couple of comments about professionalism, along the lines of, “I want my people to act like professionals.” Others in the room nodded their heads, and while I considered asking a follow-up, clarifying question, I opted to move on with the workshop.

The question I could have asked would have been something like, “And what does professionalism look like?” While I didn’t ask it, I think it is a good question and one that I received an emphatic answer to later that evening.

After a full day of training and hosting a teleseminar I decided I should eat something. So I walked out of my hotel and toward a building with two restaurants in it. I chose a place called Jack Astor’s. When I walked in, I felt energy and saw happy servers. A young man engaged me and asked me where I wanted to sit, and I told him I’d just sit in the bar.  Lucky for me, Ka...(register to read more)

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Tricia October 3, 2012 at 7:26 am

Coumdnt agere more! You can see it in every profession. Train engineeer to grocery clerk. It is a humble confidence that comes from enjoying what you do and wanting to do the best you can at it . From a management point of view we are responsible for being clear they know how to do it (training) and encouraged and rewarded for it.


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