Investigate or else! When harassment surfaces, HR inquiries and action could be worth millions

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If you can’t find a way to end persistent workplace harassment, a court may conclude that your organization acted recklessly in denying an employee’s civil rights. That may mean you’ll owe a huge punitive damages award.

If it looks like simple efforts (such as painting over graffiti and conducting anti-harassment training) aren’t stopping the harassment, call on expert help.

Recent case: Otto worked on a Chrysler assembly line. Otto’s family history is complicated, but also the basis for the harassment he claimed he suffered at work. His Jewish grand­father emigrated from Germany to Cuba in 1911 and married a Cuban woman. Raised Christian, Otto fled Cuba as a child with his family after Fidel Castro took over. He converted back to Juda­ism when he married, and now identifies himself as Jewish.

In 2002, Otto claimed that someone vandalized his cars, parked in a Chrysler parking lot, by pouring sugar into the gas tanks and cut...(register to read more)

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