Creating Greater Success Through Reflection

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in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

If I could give you a tool or resource that would change your life in positive ways, change your results, create more happiness in your life and help you get better at anything you desired . . .  And if I could promise you that this tool would cost you nothing, require only yourself and could be used at any time . . .

Would you be interested?

I bet you would.

Now at the risk of sounding a little bit like a carnival barker or used car salesperson, what I just told you isn’t hype – there is such a tool.  And you already possess it.

The tool is reflection.

I'm sure you know people that have been on a job for 10 years and have continued to get better and better at their work. You probably also know people who have been on a job for ten years, but it is like they have one year of experience, ten times.  In other words, they never really reflected on their work and results and so nothing seems to get better.  They don't seem to le...(register to read more)

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