Admins trust their gut, survey finds

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Most administrative professionals trust their gut and frequently use their instinct to guide their actions at work, a study by OfficeTeam and the Inter­na­tional Association of Administrative Professionals found.

Eighty-eight percent of administrative professionals surveyed said they often make decisions based on gut instinct, and 97% said they believe being able to anticipate their boss’s needs is an important factor in their ability to advance.

Ninety-seven percent of executives, who were also questioned, agreed it’s important for support staff to be able to anticipate their needs.

The study’s authors used the results to develop a guide for using your instinct on the job, and a quiz to help you discover your intuition style.

Which of the styles sounds like you?

  • Analyst. You do research and draw on past experience to make decisions.
  • Observer. You carefully observe people and tend to use visual clues to figure out what others may want without them saying a word.
  • Questioner. You ask direct questions to determine a person’s situation.
  • Empathizer. You identify with other people’s problems and work to help them arrive at solutions.
  • Adapter. You use a variety of strategies depending on the circumstances.

Knowing your style can help you make the most of your talents at work.

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