Employee unable to sign time sheet: What do we do?

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Q. If an employee is not available to sign his or her time ­sheet, can the supervisor sign the employee’s name and include the supervisor’s initials and a comment stating that the employee is not available to sign? — Irene, Texas

A. A better practice would be to have the supervisor sign his or her own name, with a comment saying that the employee is not available to sign. Include any helpful information, such as that the employee confirmed by telephone that the hours were correct, or that the scheduled hours were shown, or any other helpful detail.

It’s important that the records be accurate. So the super­visor’s signature is there to show that, in the absence of the employee to confirm the hours worked, the supervisor made an effort to determine if the hours were correct and believes that they are. If the employee later disputes the hours worked, a correction can be made at that time.

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