Nassau County settles suit with septuagenarian lifeguard

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He may not make the cast of “Bay­­watch,” but Jay Lieberfarb now has $65,000 that says Nassau County was wrong to fire him from his job as a lifeguard in 2009.

At the time, Lieberfarb was 71 years old and had 50 years of experience as a lifeguard.  The county fired him after he failed to pass a required swimming test.  He filed an age discrimination complaint with the EEOC, noting that younger lifeguards who failed the test were not fired and were given a second chance to pass.

When the EEOC sued on Lieber­­farb’s behalf, the county agreed to pay Lieberfarb $65,000 in back pay as part of a settlement.

Lieberfarb continues to work as a lifeguard at Hofstra University.

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