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Margaret Brent, businesswoman and attorneyMargaret Brent was not only the first woman to act as an attorney in the New World, but she was the first private owner of immense tracts of land in Maryland and Virginia—including property later owned by George Washington—and is best known as the first woman in America to ask for the right to vote.

Brent arrived in Maryland in 1638 with two brothers and a sister. Less than a decade later, Lord Calvert, governor of Maryland, appointed her as sole executor of his estate, and her decisive actions ensured the survival of the colony.

In this time machine interview, we welcome Margaret Brent.

EL: You were primarily a businesswoman. You developed land, sold crops and cattle, collected rent, lent capital to new settlers and appeared in court pretty often to collect debts. Is that how you came to be regarded as our nation’s first woman attorney?

Brent: I had to provide for myself as an unmarried woman. I never refrained from using...(register to read more)

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