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Excel FIND function

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Q. I need to perform a calculation if specific text is found inside a cell in an Excel work sheet. It won’t always be in the same place. How would I do that?

A. FIND locates the starting position of text within the cell you’re examining with something like  =FIND(“my text”,A1). It will return a #VALUE if it does not find the text. You can create an IF statement telling Excel what calculation to perform if it finds the text. To avoid the #VALUE error, wrap the function in an IFERROR with the value_if_error set to empty double quotes “”.

It will look something like this =IFERROR(IF(FIND(“Repair”,A1),B1*C1,””),””). Replace B1*C1 with your formula.

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XLCalibre January 8, 2013 at 4:47 pm

A good tip! FIND is also really useful for manipulating text if you combine it with LEFT, RIGHT or MID. Here’s a walkthrough of each of those functions and an example of how they can be combined: http://xlcalibre.com/xl-formula-focus-left-right-mid-find-an-introduction-to-excel-text-functions


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