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How should we handle nonexempt pay for overnight, off-site meeting trips?

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in Compensation and Benefits,Employment Law,Human Resources

Q. We sometimes require our hourly employees to commute from the office to a two-day meeting that includes company-sponsored social activities and an overnight stay. They then return to the office after meetings on the second day. How do we pay them for this time?

A. The rule is that for overnight travel, all travel time that cuts across the normal workday (even if it falls on a weekend) must be compensated. So if an employee is scheduled to work from 8 to 5, and the employee travels after 5 to or from the place of the overnight stay, it does not have to be paid, even if it falls on a weekend.

If that same employee travels during normal work hours, it all has to be paid.

The rule is different if it is a one-day trip. Then you must pay for all hours, even if they are outside the normal work hours.

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