Crack down on supervisor harassment with tough policy, prompt corrective action

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HR professionals can’t be everywhere at once, making sure no boss ever harasses a subordinate. It will happen, even in the best, most progressive organizations.

Protect against such nonsense with a robust anti-harassment policy. Prohibit all forms of harassment, not just ones that are clearly illegal. You don’t want any form of bullying going on. Back your policy with a commitment to promptly investigate harassment allegations.

Have several ways for employees to complain—make it so easy that no one has an excuse for failing to report offensive conduct.

Plus, make sure supervisors report all harassment allegations up the chain of command. To ensure compliance, make doing so part of their job descriptions and a part of their performance evaluations.

Otherwise, they may be tempted to ignore complaints or obvious harassment that’s occurring right under their noses. That can make all the policies in the world worthless.

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