Longer shifts allow employees an extra day off every 2 weeks

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Most employees cherish their occasional three-day weekends, but for production employees at Milwaukee-based Quad/Graphics, it’s the norm.

The company runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the 8,000 production employees work a 46-hour week. Working 12-hour shifts, they alternate between three days on/four days off and four days on/three days off.

That fourth day every other week is overtime, so employees get paid time and a half after 36 hours.

HR Director Rob Quadracci says employees work extra hard because they want to earn the right to keep the unusual work schedule.

While employees may choose shorter shifts, most opt for the 12-hour schedule so they can take the extra biweekly break.

Contact: Rob Quadracci at (414) 566-4086.

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