Lessons from the Yahoo CEO resume scandal: 7 ways to smoke out the truth

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Yesterday's admission from Yahoo's CEO Scott Thompson that he fudged the academic credentials on his résumé is another warning to employers to think of résumés like used cars ... something is being sold, and you need to adopt a “buyer beware” attitude before you drive away.

Thompson sent a memo to Yahoo employees yesterday apoligizing and "taking full responsibility" for the scandal. He has now admitted that he did not receive a bachelor's degree in computer science from Stonehill College, despite claims on his résumé that he had. In fact, he had studied accounting and business. The lie was brought to light by activist investor Daniel Loeb of the hedge fund Third Point, who is trying to oust Thompson from the CEO post.

Yahoo originally called Thompson's action "an inadvertent mistake." Such damage-control speak underplays the importance of catching résumé liars. In fact, studies show that the percentage of applicants who fal...(register to read more)

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