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A man of merit: John Adams

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John Adams was a founding father and second president of the United States, but perhaps his greatest acts of leadership were in recommending George Washington to be president, and John Marshall a justice of the Supreme Court. In this time travel interview, we welcome John Adams.

EL: You admired Benjamin Franklin because of his early industriousness but found a different man when the two of you worked as diplomats in France. Had he become lazy or disorganized?

Adams: Franklin was a great and good man. He had wit at will. He had a satire that was good-natured and caustic. He had talents of irony, allegory and fable that he could adapt with great skill to promote the truth.

However, I am useless at such things. Incessant dinners and dissipations were not the object of my mission. My countrymen were suffering in America in 1778, their affairs were in great confusion in Europe, and to receive an answer from Philadelphia might tak...(register to read more)

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