Chase case shows exactly which arguments won’t help defend sexual harassment lawsuit

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Sometimes, seeing how another employer handles an HR problem can give you confidence you’re on the right track. That’s especially true if that other employer messes up really, really badly.

Recent case: When Michele Powers and several other women who had worked for Chase Bankcard Services sued over alleged sexual harassment, the company trotted out several unique defenses to the charges.

But first, let’s take a look at the details of daily life for Powers and the other women who worked in the bank’s credit card “vault,” a highly secure facility that warehouses blank credit cards. It’s where Chase embosses those blanks into real credit cards, with customers’ names and account numbers. The women worked as support clerks in the vault.

Each woman described an atmos­­­­­­­­phere that was at best unpleasant—and which they reported to their supervisors regularly over a three-year period. Several male co-workers regularly called the...(register to read more)

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