Disabled employee sues under NYHRL? HR managers may be held personally liable

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Here’s a new worry for New York HR managers: Mess up too badly and you could be held personally liable for damages under the state’s New York Human Rights Law (NYHRL).

Something as simple as refusing to approve what turns out to have been a reasonable accommodation may leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars or more in damages. It’s another reason why you must know the laws on disability discrimination inside out.

Recent case: Mary Scalera worked for Electrograph Systems as a software programmer. When she was hired, she re­­­­vealed that she was disabled. Scalera uses a cane to walk because a genetic disorder severely affects her mobility.

Scalera asked for several accommodations. The two at the heart of her eventual lawsuit were a request for Electrograph Systems to install at least one toilet in the restroom that was 18 inches high, slightly taller than a standard toilet. She also asked for a grab bar in the same st...(register to read more)

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