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How Do Your Managers Rate on The ‘Great Boss’ Checklist?

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in HR Soapbox

Great employees don't automatically make great managers. Supervising people requires a completely different skill set than actually performing the work at hand.

And becoming a great boss requires training and hard work, plus honest self-analysis and periodic reassessments.

A recent Memo to Managers column at our sister web site, The HR Specialist, laid out the following check­­list to guide managers in that analysis. Supervisors can use it to take stock of their people skills. Then, they can tuck it away, revisit it in six months and ask themselves: Am I working to maintain those strengths and abilities I already possess? Have I improved areas where I'm weak?

Look in the mirror

Place a check mark next to the behaviors that you feel confident you exhibit on a routine basis.

___ 1. Guide, don’t control. Don’t take a completely hands-off approach, but don’t micromanage either. Explain what needs to get done, but don’t dictate exa...(register to read more)

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