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Look beyond your ‘kitchen cabinet’

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Bob Frisch is the managing partner of the Strategic Offsites Group in Boston, and the author of  Who’s In the Room?

EL: What business problem were you setting out to solve with your book?

Frisch: From working with senior teams, what I found is that big decisions aren’t actually made by the team sitting to­­gether in meetings. Decisions are typically made by the boss consulting with a small group of people —the two, three or four people who are the core decision-making team of any organization.

It’s what I call the “kitchen cabinet.” And everyone knows that when the boss makes big decisions, he turns to this close group.

EL: So, what’s wrong with that?

Frisch: That gap between what’s on the org chart and the reality of how decisions are made builds barriers and distrust among senior management team members.

EL: How does that distrust manifest?

Frisch: Your job, when you bring your business case to a meeting, is to get it ...(register to read more)

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