Employee has complained about discrimination? He still has to follow all legitimate rules

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After an employee files an EEOC or internal discrimination complaint, it’s natural for him to worry about retaliation. Every move by a supervisor or HR will be filtered through that lens.

You need to be on guard against retaliation, too. However, you mustn’t hesitate to enforce the rules you ex­­pect all your employees to follow just because you’re afraid one of them will cry “retaliation.”

Recent case: Anthony Ramirez worked for the University of Cali­for­­nia as a research database manager. He has a sight impairment that gives him no peripheral vision. About a year and a half after starting the job, Ramirez was demoted because of what his supervisor said was his in­­abil­ity to perform the job. This meant he had to work for a new supervisor.

Ramirez filed an internal complaint and followed up with an EEOC complaint, alleging that he was being discriminated against on account of disability and national origin.

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