He said, she said: What if they both did? Trust investigation to reveal harassment truth

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In the interest of maintaining a workplace free of sexual harassment, you probably have a robust sexual harassment policy that goes beyond what the law requires. Prohibiting all sex talk makes it clear that, first and foremost, the workplace is for work. Such a policy is entirely reasonable.

The problem is enforcement. If your policy is comprehensive, any complaint may trigger an investigation that uncovers many violations—perhaps even by the complaining employee.

When that happens, the best policy is to let the investigation take its course and document everything. Then discipline everyone who violated the policy.

Recent case: Amanda Robinson worked at Caterpillar as a materials specialist, moving parts from large shelving units and transporting them to the shipping dock. She had no reprimands on her record and always met her production goals.

Then Josh Perry began working at the facility, operating a forklift.

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