More than just paper: Sexual harassment policy won’t work without supervisor training

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Employers can create all the anti-harassment policies they want and still end up liable for sexual har­­ass­­ment. The key to a successful policy is action. The policy must work. And the policy won’t work if supervisors ignore it or aren’t trained how to implement it.

Remember, the only way you can avoid liability over supervisor sexual harassment is to have an effective sexual harassment policy. It has to do more than look good in theory; it must work in reality. The EEOC has little patience for paper policies that supervisors ignore, especially when young workers are being harassed.

Recent case: The EEOC sued an International House of Pancakes franchise after two female teen workers told the agency they had endured months of sexual harassment at the hands of an older supervisor.

The first teen said that her shift supervisor constantly propositioned her for sexual favors, suggested she would like “rough sex” and might enjoy...(register to read more)

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